Travel With Anti-Pickpocket Boxers

Traveling abroad can be rewarding, but it’s no fun to step out with your valuables in an unsightly fanny pack. But what can you do? Pickpockets are increasingly common in heavily-trafficked tourist areas, and you shouldn’t leave your passport at your hotel room unattended.

The Clever Travel Companion, a line of underwear with built-in zippered pockets, is intended to thwart even the most dextrous pickpocket. The pockets are just the right size for passports and credit cards, so there’s no bulky giveaway that you’re hiding something. The little devils will have no idea where your money is!

Clever Travel Companion offers its men’s underwear in one style, a boxer brief with a button fly, but it comes in three different fabrications. There’s a modal option in black, navy and dark grey; a cotton/spandex blend in light blue, heather gray, and red/burgundy; and a striped 65% cotton, 35% polyester version in gray & white, navy & white, and green & navy. A thief could get away with your pants themselves, and you’d be left looking pretty stylish, with all your cards still in your possession. Clever move, Clever Travel Companion.

Of course, a foreign country rife with pickpockets isn’t the only place where pocketed underwear could prove useful. Going on a run, for example, could be made easier if your shorts don’t have pockets; attending an underwear-only party might be another situation where Clever Travel Companion’s boxer briefs would come in handy. And at $24.90, what’s the harm in trying? You only have your vulnerability to foreign pickpockets to lose.


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