Vincent Motega Heats Up Summer

There’s another Italian-sounding-but-really-German-speaking underwear brand out there. Vincent Motega has released its new Summer collections: let’s just say this summer got a whole lot hotter.

“Vincent Motega is an artificial character, created by two young designers from Germany,” Aleksandar Georgiev, Vincent Motega’s Manager told us. “Vincent Motega embodies a good looking man who is taking care of his appearance and stands with both feet in his life. A character with experience in his life.” And, because they produce in Germany, Vincent Motega can deliver quality at a middling price.

This looks like a brand with a really solid grip on good basic design. See for yourself:

There are six lines in all, for which retail prices vary: the Pure Collection, Urban Classics, VM HD, and the Basic Line, the Basic Line Grey and Basic Blank. The lines come in two silhouettes, a brief and a “retropant” or trunk. The Basic Line Grey, Basic Line and Pure Collection have a round neck shirt to accompany them as well.

The Pure Collection is a 46% modal, 46% cotton and 8% elastane blend. There are briefs and retropants in black and white with a thin black waistband that carries the repeat Vincent Motega logo in white, as well as two black and white retropants with contrast piping in white and black, respectively. Pure underwear retails for €18.95-24.95; the Pure round neck shirt 2-pack retails for €49.95.

The Urban Classics line is the retropant made with 92% cotton and 8% elastane in orange, red or light blue, with a narrower waistband printed with a line in the same color as the leg, and a small tag on the front of the left leg with the Vincent Motega logo in white. Urban Classics retails for €19.95.

The Basics Line combines the Urban Classics waist and tag and fabric blend, but comes in only in black or white. It features a flyless contour pouch on the brief and retropant. The Basic Line Grey repeats these specs but comes in grey with an orange band along the top of the waist, as in the Urban Classics collection again. The Basic line retails for €12.95-19.95; the Basics round t-shirt 2-pack retails for €29.95.

The Basic Blank changes up the waistband once more: instead of the small black tag with white lettering adorning the left leg, it is now integrated into the waistband above the contour pouch. Here, the brief and retropant in black and white are joined by a Graphite color; all are again the 92% cotton, 8% elastane blend of fabric.


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