Go Softwear’s Militaire

Stand at attention in Go Softwear’s new Militaire collection! Camo and leather are relatively popular looks with other brands already, but Go Softwear has moved in a somewhat different direction here. With army-inspired pleather looks replete with snap pouches and metal zippers, the Militaire collection will be marching onto shelves beginning April 15th.

“We decided to make the Militaire collection due in part to the success of our Noir collection,” said Alex Hernandez, the Vice President of Go Softwear. “The Militaire group is designed in a unique military olive color pleather fabric, something totally different from what is out there as far as pleather goes.”

Military-style prints are already fairly widespread in the industry — think camo prints, or even army-inspired fonts on waistbands — but this is different. Hernandez agrees: “We do very well with military prints on underwear and tank tops, but those are screen-printed artwork and are a staple in our line. The new Militaire collection is all designed in pleather with snaps and buttons — no prints.”

The collection consists of a Zip Front Tank, Boxer, Bikini and Thong; a Snap Front Brief and Jock; and a Cut-Out Brief. All are available in military Olive on a nylon/lycra pleather blend. Pricing ranges from $11.50 for the Cut-Out Brief and the Zip Front Thong to $19 for the Zip Front Tank, so even a solider boy on leave could afford these. Don’t be surprised if the Militaire collection invades an underwear drawer near you.


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