MODEL TALK: C-in2’s Daniel Garofali

Talk about full spectrum dominance! Daniel Garofali, in addition to possessing a chiseled bod and leonine features, swings with ease from posing for C-In2’s Grip line to penning columns for the Huffington Post and DNA magazine. Oh, he’s also danced for Kylie Minogue. Sigh. In the meantime, he’s also participating in a viral campaign: #werehumantoo (more on that later.) We caught up with Daniel to ask him a few questions about how all of his pieces click together. But first, check out some photos of our new favorite Renaissance man.

Underwear Expert: Tell us a little bit about your background, Daniel.

Daniel Garofali: Well, I was working in Sydney as a model, and I came over to America in November 2010 just to visit friends. I happened to meet someone who worked at Wilhemina [modeling agency], and she said to come in because they had a bit of a niche for me. I had the benefit of knowing how my body moved, from previously being a professional dancer and was signed with the agency. From then, the goal was to get the visa. I got it approved in July 2011 and moved to New York permanently in August. Before that, I had been a backup dancer for Kylie Minogue and Duffy, toured around Australia and Asia. I don’t really dance much anymore — the modeling took over!

Underwear Expert: How did you get started writing, on top of all that?

Daniel Garofali: I started writing when I moved here to New York. I write for DNA magazine – it’s an Australian magazine but it has a circulation of 150,000 worldwide. The column is called “Sexy in the City” — I didn’t come up with it! The premise is an Aussie model just trying to make it in New York. From that, the Huffington Post saw what I was doing, and asked me do a sample article for #werehumantoo. After that, they asked me to contribute going forward. It’s only since the beginning of this year that I’ve really started doing all this writing.

Underwear Expert: So, what is #werehumantoo? Can you tell us what it’s about and how you got involved?

Daniel Garofali:It’s a campaign – a movement to make people rethink how they treat other humans, no matter what you do or who you are. We’re all human and we all bleed. I think it might be shocking and hit someone inside and help them react differently. With what I do as a model, people put you on a pedestal. I don’t think of myself like that at all, and I wanted to portray that. Also, with success you get negative comments, and with the internet I became bigger than I was in Australia, and I got some negative comments with the positive ones. So I decided to do this campaign to show that I do have feelings too and I’m not perfect, and also that I had something to say. What I do as a job is very two dimensional and very materialistic and superficial, but there’s more to me than what people see. I have a brain and can write articles and I wanted to show that, and that I’m affected by success and failure. I wanted to prove that anyone can make it from Sydney to New York.

Underwear Expert: That’s incredible. And what about your collaboration with C-In2? How did that come about?

Daniel Garofali: Well, Wilhemina sent me to a casting call with Rick Day, the photographer. There was seriously every other male model in the city there with me! I didn’t think I was going to get the job, but we shot it last Wednesday. It’s going to be a big campaign, on telephone booths all around New York. The photos looked really cool. Rick is no stranger to photographing males, so he made sure we looked good. I even had a body double, an Olympic gymnast from Jersey, to do the moves on the pommel horse. We got along really well. I’d never been on a pommel horse before, but it requires lots of strength and core balance, and knowing how to hold your body and move it into position can be very tiring. Dancers have more flexibility than most, so that definitely helped, but I’m no gymnast. He had the whole set in awe — he made it look so easy.

Underwear Expert: And do you wear C-In2 now, too?

Daniel Garofali: Well, I’ve got a few pairs of C-In2 underwear now, and they’re quite comfortable.

For more on Daniel Garofali, visit his website, or his page on The Huffington Post.

Photo Source: Outtakes from Daniel Garofali’s Calendar Shoot with Photographer James Demitri, supplied by Daniel Garofali.


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