Didier Cohen New Face of MensFit

MensFit, an Australian brand which often sports graphic prints on its briefs and trunks, has just signed Didier Cohen to be a the new face of their brand.

Didier Cohen, a model, actor, DJ and reality TV personality, moved to Australia after spending his childhood in Los Angeles, working as an A&R scout for a record label.

“I was so flattered that [MensFit] asked me to be the new face of MensFit,” Cohen said. “So many underwear brands project an impossible image for men to relate to but MensFit is an inspirational brand for any guy.

“It’s about being the best you, not the best anyone else, and that’s a philosophy that I’ve always tried to live by.”

MensFit founder Bruno Schiavi remarked that “Didier was the perfect choice to be the new face of MensFit. He really embodies the MensFit buyer perfectly – he likes to look after himself, works hard and is also very down to earth and laid back. MensFit is also a fun brand and Didier is such a great guy to work with.”

See pictures of Cohen and Schiavi behind the scenes at the photoshoot below:


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