Spanish Brand Gets You Addicted

Spanish favorite Addicted just released a whole spate of new designs for their Spring and Summer collections, and they’re on to something with their name: once you pick one of these babies up, you won’t be able to put them down.

Peek, if you dare, at the dangerously addicting Addicted pics below, and see what the draw is.

The collection runs the gamut from jocks to long boxers and long johns, all with strong swaths of bright colors and Addicted’s bold logo prominently on the waistband.

All are made with a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane or spandex, except for a brief and a jock which are made from Modal. The pieces will retail from $18 to $45.

“A young boy who begins to discover his personality,” is the kind of guy that Addicted is designed for, says Eduardo Suñer, Addicted’s head designer. “He is [becoming] mature and he likes to wear quality, comfortable and [well-]design[ed] clothes.”

That’s a tender moment in any boy’s life, and its amazing of Addicted to have created a brand that fits it so well.

The AD 01 Basic Brief really shows how much they take that young boy into account when designing.  A simple brief shape is augmented slightly, with higher-cut legs and more robust contour pouch to emphasize his package. The bright, contrasting colors on the waistband, legbands and fly recall those favorite briefs from our childhoods. This brief retails for $23.

The AD 05 Long Boxer is another standout, with a two-tone leg and a handsome geometrically-stitched pouch. The legs here extend almost to the knees — its an elegant, masculine and athletic look.  This can be had for $28.

If the boy wants to go in the opposite direction and show a little more than even just his leg, he may try on Addicted’s AD 06 Push Up Jock. This jockstrap employs the same contrasting colors and highlighting stitching as on the brief, but here to much more minimalist effect. Less is indeed more — this contour pouch helps enhance the package without seeming too obvious about it, and the few lines that the fabric does have only serve to draw the eye where you want it to go.

Addicted still carries top sellers such as their Empty Button Brief AD-14 and Mesh Brief AD-14, too, which are some of the reasons that their customers originally got hooked.



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