Earl Bennett Rings In BR4SS Underwear

Earl Bennett, the Chicago Bears’ star wide receiver known for his colorful fashion sense, has just appeared in a new ad campaign for BR4SS Underwear, a Los Angeles-based brand.

“BR4SS is cool because it’s different,” Bennett said according to a press release. “It’s definitely important to swag out your underwear drawer, and this seems to be an overlooked piece in fashion.”

Earl Bennett, known as “Agent Orange” for his famous orange cleats, is a self proclaimed sneakerhead who’s been known to even incur NFL fines for flaunting his bright fashion sense.

“Earl B is the perfect guy for this Campaign, with his background in sport & sense of style. With football being America’s most popular sport, we’re looking forward to sharing our brand with a whole new audience,” said Travis Siflinger, the founder of BR4SS.

BR4SS telegraphs its youthful, bold attitude with marketing decisions like this, its styling, and even in how it spells its name. The brash image it projects is in keeping with the Los Angeles youth culture — skating, hip-hop, motorsports — that it both draws from and sells to. Not too many premium men’s underwear brands approach that market, so they’re sure to have an eager customer base.

Siflinger said that the name comes from a combination of the number four, which represents stability and a strong foundation, and brass, evoking the expression “brass balls.”

“It’s about a confident, let’s-get-it attitude. It conveys feeling and confidence, a sort of I can get through this, I can make this happen ethos,” Siflinger said. “No matter what your situation, confidence is important, especially when you’re trying to deal with nonsense. If you’re trying to land a [skate] trick, pull that lady’s number at the bar, or going after your dreams, you need brass balls to make that happen. And your underwear is the foundation of your entire day.”

BR4SS released a behind-the-scenes video of how they put the slick ad together. Take a look:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlFn25V69d0&w=630&h=315]

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