CELEBRITY REVIEW: Logan Hardcore Wears 2(x)ist’s (X)treme Jock

Logan Hardcore is in her own words “just a small town girl turned into a big city queen.” Catch that? She’s a drag queen. We supplied her with the butchest jockstrap we could find from 2(x)ist’s new (X)treme collection to see what she thought in our first installment of Celebrity Reviews: a feature in which we supplement celebrity reviews with our own!

The Collection:
NAME: (X)treme
BOTTOMS: Jock, Sport Brief, No Show Trunk, No Show Brief
COLORS: Blue / Black, Orange / White, Red / White

The Celebrity:
BUILD: Average
WORN: Medium Orange / White Jockstrap

The Basics:
STYLE: Jockstrap
RISE: Low Rise
FUNCTION: Athletic, Going Out, Relaxing
FIT: True to size
FABRIC: 92% Cotton/ 8% Spandex

Underwear Expert: What do you do for a living?

Logan Hardcore: I am a professional transformer. I dress up in women’s clothing and dance around — in other words, I’m a drag queen. I love it! It’s a great job. I get to do what I love (performing) and I get to do some things I would NEVER have gotten to do otherwise.

Underwear Expert: So do you wear different underwear when you’re in drag and out of drag?

Logan Hardcore: Yes. Do you know what it takes to transform boy parts into girl parts?!

Underwear Expert: What IS your favorite pair of underwear? And why?

Logan Hardcore: I either prefer a brief or a jockstrap when I’m not in drag, just because I don’t like underwear to begin with. But when I’m in drag, I have to have on 40 things to get myself to look legit.

Underwear Expert: What did you think of the 2(x)ist (X)treme jock strap?

Logan Hardcore: I LOVED it! I am currently wearing it. It fits great — there were no awkward moments walking down the street where I’m like, where is that strap trying to go!?

Underwear Expert: So, tell us, is the 2(x)ist (X)treme jock strap for in or out of drag?

Logan Hardcore: OUT, no question.

Underwear Expert: How was the fit?

Logan Hardcore: It fit wonderfully. Just like me at a bar–a perfect fit!

Underwear Expert: And what did you think of the design?

Logan Hardcore: Loved the colors, loved the design, no bad feedback from this drag queen!

Underwear Expert: Where would you wear this? Gym? Fire Island? For fun?

Logan Hardcore: Gym, Fire Island, for fun, down the street, to the bar…you name it.

Logan Hardcore is one of the newest, youngest and hard-working queens to hit the NYC nightlife scene in years and is a force to be reckoned with. In only five years Logan has worked in such venues as Splash, Hk, The Ritz, Vlada, and XL. Logan has also competed and won the titles “Newcomer of The Year,” “Entertainer of The Year” and “Miss Fire Island”.

Additionally, Logan has been seen on T.V. shows such as MTV’s “Jackass” and the CW’s “The Tyra Banks Show”. Logan is part of a group of NYC’s best drag queens that were put together to work on a new TV show called “The Queens of Drag: NYC”. The pilot, currently being shopped around, hopefully means you’ll be able to catch Logan weekly on a TV near you.

For more information, visit Logan’s website here.



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