C-in2’s Grip Product Photo Shoot

The Underwear Expert was given exclusive behind the scenes access to the product photo shoot for C-in2’s Grip collection recently. The athletic line is pretty amazing in itself, and we’re glad we got to see it up close and personal (on C-in2 model James Guardino no less). Equally interesting as the collection, though, were the actual nuts and bolts of the photo shoot.

Two Thursday mornings ago, the shoot took place against a rustic wood backdrop in C-in2’s New York headquarters, high above the Flatiron District. The atmosphere was nothing if not relaxed: lounge music played on Pandora and a box of C-in2 underwear propped open a window to let the early spring breeze in.

Designer and Co-founder Greg Sovell directed the photographer to snap front, back and side pictures of James in each item from the range. “Nothing is as hard to shoot as t-shirts,” he professed. A larger surface area means more fabric to wrinkle and crease, so to minimize most hiccups, an assistant patiently steamed every item before it made its way onto the set.

But wrinkles aren’t the only thing to pay attention to in a photo shoot. For each shot, inseams and outseams were meticulously analyzed to make sure they were camera ready, as was the rise of each pant. “The rise is the most important thing,” Senior Designer Kristen Balotti told us, before rushing off to adjust Guardino’s make-up. All hands were on deck here, to make sure these photos accurately framed the collection.

Product photos (otherwise known as the images you look at when perusing each item from a collection), though not quite as important as marketing photos, are one way to make sure collection sales are successful. This might be especially true for the Grip collection.

With this athletic high-performance line, C-in2 hopes to prove a strong competitor in the athletic performance underwear field. The innovative moisture-wicking line features a “2000% improvement in one-way transfer of moisture to the outside of the fabric,” according to C-in2.  Grip will ship packed with a new cotton treatment, too, which will make the natural fabric 50% faster drying compared to untreated cotton, according to studies conducted by Cotton Incorporated.

“Ultimately, we think Grip will allow C-In2 to have a broader reach of consumers in comparison to our high fashion collections (I.e. Filthy),” Sovell told us.

“It’s a new style for us” Balotti said before asking Guardino if it was too tight. “No, it feels nice!” he said before turning to the left, cupping his hands behind his head and raising his elbows, then placing one foot slightly behind the other. Sovell snapped a final photo before exclaiming: “I think we’re good.”

Grip will consist of four bottom silhouettes and three tops. It should begin shipping later next week.

For the spring and summer collections, C-In2 Grip will be shipping in two colors: white and dark navy. The bottoms will be a profile brief, a jock, an army trunk and a compression short. For the tops, C-In2 will have a Strong Arm sleeveless shirt, a Short Sleeve Crew and a Long Sleeve Crew.



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