Name: Tore

Spotted: Gansevoort St. & Hudson St.

Residence: Copenhagen, Denmark

Age: 33

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Self-Proclaimed Style: “Scruffy”

What’s He Wearing: “Scheisser Boxers. They used to be slim-fit, but no more.”

Why He’s Wearing: “Because it’s the only pair I have left! I just arrived to New York this morning, so it’s what I have on.”

What His Underwear Says About Him: “I never thought too much about it!”

Favorite pair: “I don’t have one, but I used to. When I was 14 it was a blue boxer with white spots. I wore it for like six years.”

Does His Underwear Dictate His Outfit, or Vice Versa: “Nope.”

Life Motto: “I like being frank.”


Photo Credit: The Underwear Expert


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