Name: Derek

Spotted: 9th Ave & Little West 12th St.

Residence: West Village, Manhattan, NY

Age: 30

Occupation: Restaurant/Lounge Owner

Self-Proclaimed Style: “Fruit of the Loom/Jockey guy, rather than 2(x)ist or Calvin Klein kind of guy”

What’s He Wearing: Jockey Boxer Briefs

Why He’s Wearing: “I just jumped out of bed and am late for a meeting, and they’re comfortable.”

What His Underwear Says About Him: “That I need to do some laundry. I’ve grown out of the designer underwear phase.”

Favorite pair: “Fruit of the Loom”

Does His Underwear Dictate His Outfit, or Vice Versa: “Not at all. Never. If you can get a 3-pack for 9.99, grab it!”


Photo Credit: The Underwear Expert


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