Cover Male Takes Off

We’ve been covering Cover Male since it launched earlier this year. It’s barely even April, and in three short months they’ve already made quite a name for themselves by focusing on timeless pieces that draw from an intimate knowledge of the male form.

“We’re trying to create sophistication and timelessness – lifetime-long pieces. And we’re doing that by paying attention to the male form. Every piece we make respects the form,” said Tarek Al- Halabi, the Creative Director of Cover Male. “Every piece is hand-drawn, revised, sent to factory, tried on, modeled — it goes through the whole process. Everything is cut correctly, and everything is in the proper place. We make sure of that.”

And it’s true. Their cuts are some of the best-proportioned around, and they fit snugly by following the natural lines of the body, without being constricting. And across their whole range of silhouettes, the colors offered are so varied that you’ll never be at a loss for matching your underwear to your outfit.

Some of their best-selling pieces are the ones which put these strengths on display. The waisted-up bikini and trunk are already some of the top sellers, as is the 122 cheeky boxer. “It’s successful because of its cut. It’s not just a basic cut; it also has a modern twist. There’s the right amount of coverage and right amount of support,” says Al- Halabi.

Cover Male’s designs succeed because they hit the correct balance between two extremes. Al- Halabi describes some of the designs as “provocative in a very timid way,” and he’s right: wearing them attracts attention without being ostentatious. They’re the kind of tight-fitting underwear you might put on to go work out in or go out at night.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the blend of fabrics that they use for their range is an optimum blend of spandex, polyester and cotton, so they’re good for a whole range of light activities.

Cover Male provides elegant, sophisticated and timeless pieces that make you feel like you. “It gives you that special spark,” adds Al- Halabi.

Look for Cover Male to be carried in major department stores very soon. Al- Halabi says that they’re in talks with national chains to carry a cotton collection, back-to-basics 3-pack. On the shelf with majors like Calvin Klein and Hanes, Cover Male should introduce a whole new level of sophistication to the idea of the department store-brand underwear.



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  1. Scott Johnson says:

    The Cover Male bikini looks VERY comfortable! I would love to try a pair! Are you having any other give a ways? I have tried to win a pair each Friday, but have not been successful. X-Large Orange would be awesome!!

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