Sneak Peek at Cover Males Swimwear

Cover Male gave The Underwear Expert a special sneak preview into their new line of swimwear, just in time for summer and hitting the shelves in a few months.

Tarek Al- Halabi, Cover Male’s Creative Director, Public Relations guy and all-around empresario, said that each of the pieces was inspired by a different Greek god. “Each god has a separate color,” he said. “One of my favorite pieces is the CM902 Olympius. It’s a basic brief with a navy waistband, gathered with white strips on the top and the bottom.”

There appear to be handsome trunks, V-waisted and buckled bikini-style swim briefs, square-cut swim briefs and the basic brief Al- Halabi mentions above. Judging from Cover Male’s success with choosing fabrics and designs which complement each other and flatter the wearer, these should make for a heavenly summer.

Do you dare look upon the almighty gods of Mt. Olympus?



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