Cocksox’s New Swimwear

With the Cocksox new Dominator swimwear collection, Cocksox is poised to get you noticed at the pool, the beach, the yacht, or wherever you spend your summer. The Dominator collection comes in three styles: Brazilian cut briefs, trunks, and swim cut briefs. The three are made of “Wet-Look” Lycra, and come in two colors: Sub Black and Switch Blue.

The CX02 swim brief is already sexy — there’s full butt coverage, a form hugging pouch and skimpy sides. In the shiny wet-look Switch Blue, it will leave onlookers tongue tied for sure.

The CX08WL Swim Trunks in ‘wet look’ Lycra have an internal draw-string, butt hugging back, contour pouch and the wrap-around cut shines on every curve. “And we mean EVERY curve,” Nigel Christensen, Cocksox’s Marketing Director, told The Underwear Expert. There’s nothing meek or submissive about these trunks — it’s all aggression and visual dominance, all the time.

The Brazilian cut “is a high arch across the top of your buns, showing off more flesh than a regular brief but not as exposed as a thong or g-string,” says Christensen.  “And the pouch in the front is a smoother, leaner fit than other Cocksox. Add the shiny, ultra-light fabric and OMG!” These Brazilian cut trunks are a good move: Brazilians are known for their global dominance in bun circumference, so they should know how best to stuff ’em in a suit. Right?

The fabric is the real draw of this collection. “This incredible fabric is unbelievably light to the touch yet it’s strong and shines like a rubber body suit. It’s fetish without the kink! And you can wear them as underwear if you like, we don’t judge!” joked Christensen. With fabric like that, who would even want to take them off — unless ordered to, of course!

Expert verdict: Kink-free fetish? What could be better!

Still don’t believe us? Examine these shots of the full range, from all angles.



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