2(x)ist Ramps It Up with (x)treme

2(x)ist’s new line, (x)treme, takes its name and its design inspiration from extreme sports — motocross racing, skydiving, snowboarding and the like. The kind of sports which, if you’re not up to them, might make you need a change of underwear.

Change into one of the (x)treme silhouettes, then! The clean lines, with contrast piping and venting around the crotch will rev up your engine, and might even inspire feats of daring before you even take them off.

This line is available in a sport brief, a no-show brief, a no-show trunk and a jockstrap, which is not something 2(x)ist always puts out. We suggest you snap that jockstrap up!

All the bottoms come in black with blue contrast piping and a black/blue waistband, white with red contrast piping and a grey/orange waistband and red with white contrast piping and a red/white waistband. They all retail for $22, except for the trunk which goes for $28.

Take a look at 2(x)ist Creative Director Jason Scarlatti talking with Michael Kleinmann about this e(x)citing collection here, and if that’s not enough–check out 2(x)ist’s just released (X)treme video featuring Andre Ziehe !


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