South Carolina Holds Rally Against Saggin

A “Rally Against Saggin” will be held in Columbia, SC this Saturday in an effort to convince teens that they ought to pull their pants up.

The issue of sagging — a style of wearing your pants low enough to show off more than a bit of your underwear — has been alternately valorized in fashion and banned in public, and now some young adult role models are holding a rally to dissuade teenagers from even thinking about it.

Chandra Cleveland-Jennings, the CEO of private security firm Columbia Protection Agency LLC, is the organizer of this Saturday’s Rally Against Saggin’. The rally is sponsored by Palmetto Youth Connection, a mentoring organization for teens, reported The State.

“It makes you look filthy,” Cleveland-Jennings told The State. “It’s so disgusting when you see it.” As they march, participants will chant, “Raise your pants. Raise your image,” she said.

Sam Johnson, special assistant to Mayor Steve Benjamin, will speak about the importance of presenting a clean-cut image. He questions why anyone would want to follow a fashion style created in prisons. “This is not something you want people to see you as,” Johnson said.

What do you think? Is sagging a big enough issue to merit a rally, or is it a (30-year old) fashion that will inevitably pass?


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  1. Paul C. says:

    I think having an anti-sag rally fuels the fire for people to feel “bad-ass” with their pants worn this way. I wonder what would happen if everyone (men & women) instead stared at saggers and said how great they thought the guy’s skivies looked.

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