Shreddies: Flatulence Filtering Underwear

It seems like most of the odor-controlling advances in men’s underwear are aimed towards neutralizing the smell of sweat. But the average man passes gas an average of 14 times a day! (Not in our office of course.) Where is the brand that can hold its nose and clear the air?

There are small producers that make men’s underwear to deal with this, but they’re more like medical suppliers than underwear manufacturers. What if you’re a particularly gassy guy but you don’t want to wear the equivalent of a diaper? This is where Shreddies steps in.

Shreddies is a UK-based intimate apparel company which has released a line of odor-control undies for both men and women. It neutralizes bad smells with a rear panel made of activated carbon cloth, the same sort of material they use in gas masks, developed to protect soldiers from chemical attacks. Heavy-duty stuff!

Shreddies, thankfully, maintains a healthy sense of humor about their product. They’ve divided up their website into two sections: one for their healthcare section where they also offer incontinence and stoma underwear, and one just for buying flatulence underwear as a gift for someone else. What’s more, when purchased as a gift, Shreddies sends its underwear with one of 12 comical covers.

They even come in normal styles: boxer briefs, “hipster” or trunk, and briefs for the healthcare range. The gift range is 93% polyamide and 7% elastane (excluding the activated carbon panel), conforming to the body “to achieve a snug fit and to optimize flatulence filtration,” according to their website.

Some of the grateful commenters on the site indicate that flatulence requiring chemical weapons-grade textiles is no laughing matter. Men with IBS, Crohn’s Disease or who have recently undergone surgery anywhere along the intestinal tract thank Shreddies for having “saved [their] career” or being a “major improvement in [their] life”.

The name comes from British servicemen’s term for underwear, and is well known throughout the Commonwealth. However, we bet an anti-fart underwear by any other name would smell just as sweet.



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