Rufskin Opens NY Flagship Store

Rufskin, one of the hottest underwear brands around, just opened a flagship storefront in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

On a street already playing host to Nasty Pig and Behaviour, Rufskin plopped down a retail flagship that exudes the California warmth that this San Diego-based brand is famous for. Moira Henry, the interior designer, installed bits of So-Cal flora, which stand out against the white interior like the black leather suits and brightly colored underwear also on display. Custom-built glass changing rooms (there are curtains to pull, if you want to) paired with gallery-like displays of jewelry, sculpture and photography set the tone: this is a seriously sexy brand, with equal emphasis on both serious and sexy.

The retail experience feels assured, so its no surprise to learn that Rufskin had already staged a pop-up store in Manhattan in 2011. “It did extremely well, so we figured that this was the right spot for us,” said David Amuso, the Store Director. “We made the move to retail because we’ve expanded the line. People really want to come inside, to try stuff on, touch things and see the sizing in person,” he said. “You can’t do that over the internet.”

To celebrate the store’s opening, Rufskin threw a big party at the store on March 15th. Brenda Black came to DJ, and bartenders from local Gym Bar and Rockbar offered their services. The party even attracted the attention of V Man and Allure magazines. It was such a success, Amuso said, that he expects to hold multiple parties throughout the year.

The store will allow the brand to attract a broad clientele who might not come across the website unless they knew to search for it. “We set up the store so that a straight guy could come in and feel comfortable,” said David. “It’s not just gay clothes.” And even for the gay customers, Rufskin appeals to both young and old, leaner guys and bears. “Anybody can wear Rufskin,” David added.

Take a look at these photos of Rufskin’s flagship storefront in Chelsea.  And for a treat, we’ve thrown in some Rufskin marketing photos for you to look at so you can uh.. get familiar with the brand.


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