REVIEW: Andrew Christian Air Sculpt Brief

The Collection: 
NAME: Air Sculpt Brief by Andrew Christian
COLORS: Black, Teal, White

The Man:
BRIEF WORN: Medium Air Sculpt Brief, Teal

The Basics:
STYLE: Brief
RISE: Low Rise
ATTRIBUTES: Memory fabric, Hang free pouch
FUNCTION: Everyday, Athletic, Going Out, Relaxing
FIT: True to size
RETAIL: $25.00
FABRIC: 100% Micro Modal Fabric
LAUNDERING: Easy care machine wash, tumble dry low

The Look: Light, and delicately masculine. The micro modal fabric has an extremely luxurious appearance—fine, almost silk-like. The colors are modern and eye-catching, and the accents are simple and make sense. On the teal pair we wore, the waistband is comprised of four stripes of varying height: black, silver, white and light blue. The highest and largest stripe in black is navigated by “ANDREW CHRISTIAN” the entire way around, in silver.

The Fit: The micro modal fabric is light, yet retains its shape. Paired with expert construction, it provides a fit that proves to be simultaneously luxurious and masculine, soft but supportive. This brief fits like a soft but dutiful glove. This pair of underwear misses only one single beat, in the tag department: Ever-so-slightly itchy, it perhaps only stands out because the rest of the brief is so ridiculously soft and comfortable.

The Pouch: The pouch is made with one right-handed entryway fly opening pouch. A seam runs up the front of the pouch and looks almost like a deflated balloon when off the body. But when worn, it fills out nicely and simultaneously protects and comforts. The construction and placement of the seam that gives the pouch its shape provides the wearer with a defined and accentuated but subtle profile. An expert design.

The Construction: Made with only three pieces of micro modal fabric: (a back side and two-piece pouch), this brief was made with one thought in mind: to make a brief that feels like it’s not there. Andrew Christian has taken this one step further, however, and made a brief that not only feels like it’s not there, but supports as well. Ghost support, if you will. The seams are practically invisible, too.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: Excellent construction. 5 star fabric. This brief is a perfect pair to wear to sleep or to the club. It’s both comfortable and flattering, which is rare to find in a pair of underwear. The design is sleek and modern; all in all, a perfect pair of underwear.



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