Pull-In Teams With Step Art, Peter Arkle

French brand Pull-In has been infusing pop colors and designs into the men’s underwear industry for over 10 years now.  The brand recently decided to join forces with Step Art, a label of independent artists, to fuse graphics and fashion in a way rarely seen in a traditionally monochrome industry.

Peter Arkle, English native but New Yorker for a number of years now, is one of the 7 artists involved in this arty partnership, according to a press release. “Drawing his inspiration from everyday life but brimming over with imagination, this purist will tell you that he would never trade in his ballpoint for a photoshop software pen,”–and his designs are proof of that (check out an Arkle / Pull-In design below.)

The Underwear Expert visited Pull-In’s NYC flagship store at 259 Bowery to take in the new collaboration between Arkle and Pull-In.  For more art from Peter Arkle, visit his website at peterarkle.com, and to see the endlessly stimulating designs for which Pull-In is now famous, visit pull-in.com.


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