Papi’s Tribal March

Later this month, papi will be releasing a new collection with intricate, swirling patterns that they say are inspired by tribal designs. This is a gentle tweaking of a successful line that papi has released in the past.

The collection is two bottoms and one top: a Brazilian trunk and a Boxer Brief ($22), and a tank top ($28). The Brazilian trunk is printed with a swirling, wild-eyed, open-mouthed beast pattern. The Boxer Brief has the design on the left leg, on a larger scale.

On the waistband of both, the papi logo complements the color of the fabric and is set on a black band. The logo is surrounded with a belt of pointy knots, whorls and swirls, quasi-Celtic/Maori, which are also the same color as the animal design. There are six options: green, orange, yellow, blue, red and white.

The tank top is available in solid colors: green, orange, yellow, blue, red and black.

The fabric for the collection is a 95% cotton, 5% spandex blend.  It will be available from size small to extra-large.


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