Nick + Campbell from Nick Lemons

Nicholas Lemons is a successful model who’s worked the runway for over ten years. His exposure to the world’s top menswear designers must have provided ample time for him to soak up their best practices, so we weren’t surprised when he announced that he would be launching a menswear line.

He was drawn to underwear out of necessity and started designing for “the same reason a lot of people start designing for themselves – I couldn’t find anything I really loved. It just seemed like a natural progression for me – I’ve always been involved in fashion,” Lemons told The Underwear Expert.

“I am taking a lot [as inspiration.] It’s my taste, my lifestyle. The way I see things. I always create based off of my background in art—drawing and painting—which my mother got me obsessed with at a very young age. The Campbell in my brand name comes from her. My father gave me a lot of hands on skills with designing as well,” Lemons told The Underwear Expert.

He recently released the first shots of his budding line and we’re expertly impressed.

With plans to expand to a full menswear line, Nicholas has made the smart move of beginning with the foundation of any gentleman’s wardrobe. Five styles are already available: the Classic Brief, the Cowboy Brief, the Original Boxer Brief, the Brazil Boxer Brief and the Sexy Campbell Brief. The collection can be found in two select stores in NYC, Atrium and Blue & Cream, selling at $35 a pair or $90 for three.


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