Mundo Unico Shows Its COLORS

Just in time for spring, Colombian brand Mundo Unico is releasing their first new line of 2012, and it looks like it’s going to make quite the impression. COLORS is a kaleidoscope of 47(!) different styles, patterns and colors. With that many style options, you’d be color blind if you couldn’t find the right hue for you.

The cotton blends in particular show the versatility and range of Mundo Unico’s unique style sensibility. You get art-inspired  patterns alongside sleek, sexy cuts, mixed with high-tech performance fabrics, for starters.

Tecnico, for example, is one of their performance styles. It comes in red, orange, yellow, green and blue, with a black waistband, thin black stripes and a black pouch. It’s made out of “an open pore light weight microfiber that is breathable, fresh, dries quick, allows airflow and repels moisture,” according to Mundo Unico — it’s one of their athletic lines and yet still looks good enough to walk the runway. See what we mean?



















The Fractal trunk is a great design, too. The movement of the lines adds enough energy to the trunk that the colors seem to shimmer, and the shiny green waistband only emphasizes the youthful appearance. You can get lost looking at Fractal!





















The Liquido is another standout. The small dots along the legs of this short trunk look like beads of moisture glistening in the sun. This is a gorgeous and sophisticated look that oozes chic. The purple waistband caps things off with a touch of class, but frankly, you can’t go wrong with any of Mundo Unico’s numbers.

Check out the rest of the colorful COLORS collection below!


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