Modus Vivendi Partners With Pan

Greek underwear brand Modus Vivendi has just released a whole range of underwear corresponding to the ancient Greek gods, including a new collection based on their fetish line named for the god Pan.

The collection is based on the typical fetish design but made of cotton and elastin. “We stand out from the usual vinyl and rubber underwear currently available,” Christos Dimitriadis, Sales Manager for Modus Vivendi told The Underwear Expert. “The extra detail is the classic Modus Vivendi elastic waistband, covered with cotton and adjustable strings with metallic endings. The collection includes jockstraps, briefs and boxers, all available in black, with yellow, red, blue or black details.”

Pan was literally the horniest god in the Greek pantheon—he was half man, half goat, with hooves and horns. In myths, he’s famous for his sexual powers, seducing the moon goddess Selene and teaching shepherds how to masturbate. Hades, he’s even blowing pipes in the stories we can tell to kids.

So, this fetish collection probably isn’t for wearing every day. But on those nights when you have the urge to get pagan, slap a pair on and see if you don’t grow a horn or two.


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