MODEL TALK: aussieBum’s Matt Wilson

If you’ve seen any of aussieBum’s photos, you’ll recognize Matt Wilson, a model who lends his kind face and toned abs to aussieBum’s marketing campaigns. What you may not have known about him is that he’s a carpenter by trade, and in fact entered the modeling world when he won a competition for Australia’s best looking handyman. Since then, he’s maintained his carpentry business while besting a few more beauty contests along the way. Here, he puts down his hammer and talks to us about how modeling is like being a carpenter, why choosing the right underwear is key, and his plans for the future.

Underwear Expert: You’ve won the RSVP Hottest Tradie award, and were nominated for the Cleo Bachelor of the Year award – are these beauty contests for men?

Matt Wilson: The Tradie award was in 2010 followed by the Cleo award in 2011. RSVP’s Hottest Tradie award is a competition for the best looking Tradesperson in Australia (voted by the public.) As much as I’d like to say this competition involved skill, I can’t get away with the fact that it is a beauty contest.

Underwear Expert: In your career as a carpenter, what is the thing that you’ve built that you’re most proud of?

Matt Wilson: I get the most pride out of building something off-plan and for myself. At the moment, it’s a house replica kennel for my red cattle dog. He loves it.

Underwear Expert: Which do you prefer, being a carpenter or underwear model?

Matt Wilson: They are similar in a bizarre way. With carpentry you can look back at your progress after each day and it’s a physical reward, and with the underwear shoots it’s almost the same by looking back at 1500 shots. You may only see five gems that are keepers, but those shots make the entire shoot team ecstatic.

Underwear Expert: Do you wear aussieBum while you’re building things?

Matt Wilson: Absolutely. Our whole team of carpenters all do the same. None of our carpenters complain when on site and [aussieBum] might be the reason why!

Underwear Expert: What’s your relationship with underwear?  Do you love it, or see it just as work?

Matt Wilson: I always put just as much thought into choosing a pair of underwear each day as I do a shirt. If it’s an active day they must be comfy. If it’s a night out, they must look good–just in case. Having a bad pair of jocks is like have a stone in your shoe.

Underwear Expert: What’s your favorite brand and pair?

Matt Wilson: aussieBum’s Journey range. They are undoubtedly the comfiest piece of clothing ever worn. But now the Pocket Jockit is out.. it’s have a hard call. It has a similar feel to the comfort of the Journey range but with a bonus pouch!

Underwear Expert:  How is it to have “underwear model” on your resume?

Matt Wilson: It is a really, really fun job. You know how you get that silly/fun feeling when you’re walking around wearing nothing but underwear? Imagine doing that for a job! I must choose wisely when advertising the fact. When quoting a job to build a house, this may or may not get my tender across the line. But if auditioning for a presenting/acting roll, I think it’s a pretty handy tag.

Underwear Expert: Do you plan on modeling in the future?  With aussieBum, or any other brands?

Matt Wilson: It’s hard to say as I haven’t really planned any of what’s happened already. I’m primarily a builder so my time is shared between the two jobs. I have been studying acting for the past two years, too, so keep your eyes peeled there!

Underwear Expert: What can we expect to see from you next, a campaign or a cottage?

Matt Wilson: Spontaneity is my middle name…but what ever it is, it will be big.


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  1. david says:

    Hi! Matt Wilson oh my god!
    I´m sure he´s one of the best underwear male model and everybody knows too!
    Absolutely, he´s amazing! and I love he´s a carpenter too, that´s too hot!
    I hope he´s keep going ahead with his dreams.
    Best for you Matt and much love!
    Take care!

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