McKillop U/W’s Limited Edition Denim Jock

Hot on the heels of McKillop U/W’s limited-edition Sweater Jock, the Vancouver-based brand is releasing another limited-edition jock with an unexpected fabrication: denim!

Ryan McKillop, the creative force behind the brand, tells us that “these Limited Edition Denim Jocks & Pouches are a collection of stylish underwear made from stretch denim mixed with mesh.” What’s more: “Because of the structure of the fabric it creates a bigger bulge then our other products.” Denim bulge booster.  Got that?  Their denim is a “fun collection of unique one of a kind pieces to complement your underwear collection.” McKillop U/W: we know you’re working with limited stock here, but these sound too good to be true. Hint.

The fabric is in very limited supply, so we suggest that if you like it you should snap it up immediately. We wanted to get our hands on the Sweater Jock but by the time we got in touch with Ryan it had already sold out! There’s no reason to think that the same wouldn’t happen to this denim — in fact, it’s probably more likely. This collection will be available at the start of the spring season, for two months only (April & May 2012) while supplies last. Take a look!


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