McKillop Underwear Cozies Up With Sweater Jock

Everyone’s got a favorite sweater. You know the one – it’s old and it may be unraveling a little, but you love it anyway. What if you had a jock made out of knit sweater fabric to match it?

On the first of the month, McKillop U/W released not one, not two, but four new collections: Elevate, a “real” butt-lifter; Daily Basics, with their integrated pouch; Traveller, a deconstructed design with minimum seams and thickness; and the Sweater Jock, a limited edition jockstrap made of cable knit sweater fabric, on sale through the end of this month.

“The sweater jock is our first in a series of limited edition collectors pieces,” Ryan Mckillop, founder and designer of McKillop U/W, told The Underwear Expert. “It was an interesting idea that was based 100% on how they looked. I thought they were amazing and then I tried them on and found that they were so warm and cozy that I wanted to wear them more often. And they do give you a little boost in the front with the slight thickness in the fabric!”

McKillop’s other styles of underwear give a little boost in the front without thick fabric. Though it’s not an enhancement product, the ergonomic design of their Daily Basics collection is roomy enough to “prevent squashing your boys.”

If the Daily Basics are meant for wearing every day, does that mean the Sweater jock is only intended for days when it’s chilly out? No, says Ryan. “Even though it is a novelty I wouldn’t make anything so specific that you have to wear them a certain way. Have fun with them – wear them to a party, wear them skiing, wear them by the fire! Just enjoy them.”

The Sweater jock is hand-sewn, sometimes by Ryan himself, so “limited edition” really does mean that when supplies run out there won’t be any more sweater jocks to have. But don’t sweat it: McKillop is rolling out two more limited edition lines in innovative fabrics: a denim jock in April, and a vinyl one in June.


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