Justin Barcia Revs Up Freegun Underwear

Justin Barcia, a pro supercross and motocross racer, just signed with Freegun underwear to join the Freegun Pro Team. Already sponsored by Honda and Geico, he’s the latest addition to Freegun’s lineup of sponsored spokes-athletes, and as a bonus he’ll get to develop his own signature series of Freegun’s popular underwear. Says Justin: “Freegun looks really cool and it’s very comfortable while I’m riding. All their stuff is awesome and Freegun is definitely a trendsetter. I’m very pumped to be on the Pro team.”

Freegun, while still making inroads in the United States, is the top-selling brand in Europe. Its wild designs and affordable prices seem like a winning combination. The addition of Barcia, who’s by all accounts a charismatic speedster, should only accelerate their rise.


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