Got Wood Got Funding

Got Wood, a bamboo fiber boxer brief range recently launched by Wild Horse Clothing, Ltd., a British underwear company, just received a cash infusion of £20,000 from a top Morgan Stanley banker.

Anthony Abis discovered the luxurious bamboo fiber when he ran a corporate workwear firm, but couldn’t spread the textile as far as he wanted to. Brian Magnus, Head of the Morgan Stanley Private Equity Group’s London office, stepped in and put up enough capital for childhood friend Abis’ Wild Horse to file a patent application.

It makes sense that this venture was an appealing prospect for Magnus. Bamboo fiber is incredibly soft when spun into cloth, extremely light and is massively wicking. Thanks to its rhizomatic root system, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing textile crops, producing 10 times as much as cotton per acre. It can grow over 39 inches a day!

“We have a unique combination: strong marketing, vibrant colors and bamboo fiber. We’ve only been around for a month, but already the British press loves us,” Abis told The Underwear Expert. “There’s been this incredible energy surrounding the whole project; things are just falling into place.” For now, Got Wood is only available in the UK, but is looking for a US distributor. They plan to launch a more sober, “high street” line as well as a women’s line in the future. But for now they’ve just Got Wood.

Got Wood was launched on January 10th of this year at the Zenna bar in London’s Soho.  The range includes boxer briefs in Panda Eye (black), Bamboo Shoot (pale yellow-green) and Mountain Sunrise (magenta) for £15.99 each, or £44.99 for three.


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