Freedom Reigns Spring Collection

Freedom Reigns, an ultra premium brand of mens underwear “100% made in The United States,” according to its website, has released its new Spring 2012 offerings, which should just now be hitting the shelves.

Their Hybrid jockstraps and Speedster jocks in particular both show that Freedom Reigns is committed to smart innovation in new silhouettes, and can execute these new designs with the same aplomb as their more traditional cuts. Athletic briefs, trunks, jocks and long johns in solid colors with striped accents are on sale at the few select retailers where Freedom Reigns can be found.

The brand’s look is bold, masculine and unmistakeably American, from their jockstraps to their athletic leggings. It’s targeted at straight and gay men who want a manly and athletic pair of underwear to work out in. The cotton/spandex blend used across the line is a wicking material, meaning that it draws sweat away from the body for quicker drying.

The brand in its current incarnation is relatively new: It started out as a Gothic jewelry line which only sold in sex shops. Since then, it’s turned itself around and set its sights on loftier goals by taking complete control over the production process. The designer oversees manufacturing in its downtown LA factory — there is no contractor, no licensing and no outsourcing. This is underwear that’s born in the USA.

But freedom ain’t free, baby. These cuts will cost you anywhere from $22 to $60, placing Freedom Reigns squarely within the premium bracket.Take a look at these pictures and see if they inspire you to fight for freedom.




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