Fat-Burning Underwear Shapes Up In Japan

According to a yStats report on the global underwear market, the biggest trend in Japan for 2011 was a weight-losing garment: how’s that for a kick in the pants? A brand of fat-burning underwear, Calorie Shaper from Japanese manufacturer Goldwin, has been selling out their stocks to a population eager to shed unwanted pounds (no matter the Japanese obesity rate of 5%.)

The underwear, which has super-tensile honeycomb mesh resin coating over the fabric, gives its wearer a workout by constricting the normal field of movement and requiring more effort to make even the smallest shifts in position – somewhat like a corset for the hips. But instead of creating a slimming illusion, this stuff actually slims!

At least, that’s the claim. According to the website (and Google Translate – it doesn’t have an English version), an average Japanese man would experience a 7% increase in calories burned over the course of a day where he walked 1.5 hours, if he was in his 30s and weighed 143 pounds.

“The concept behind this product is a pair of pants for every day life, generally for business men and women aged between 35 and 45,” a spokesman for Goodwin told the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

“The Calorie Shaper Pant technology focuses on the hipline which is the area used by people when walking and climbing stairs. The material here is non-expandable which means they must use their muscles more.” He added: “Calorie burning clothing and footwear are becoming increasingly popular in Japan.”

If the underwear expert had to expel some weight-loss underwear advice, we would just say: wear whatever pair makes you feel like going to the gym!


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