EXCLUSIVE: Sultry Photos of Newest Gregg Homme Collection

We got our hands on some advance photos of Gregg Homme’s new collection for Spring featuring Thierry Pepin! — and it’s best not to ask how. These photos run the gamut from smoldering to sexy to down right smokin’. Each image represents a group within the new collection–do yourself a favor and examine them to see which of Homme’s new designs you’ll be able call home.

“The very well-rounded PERFEKBȖM collection is yet another ground-breaking creation by Gregg Homme that endows the wearer with fuller, better defined buttocks, especially beneath gym pants and similar thin-fabric bottoms. The clever little secret is an elastic string bum outliner sewn just under and behind the pouch, running between both cheeks (but not like a thong – the elastic string runs on the outside of the garment!) and up to the middle back of the waistband. Made from a liquid-touch, hyperstretch microfiber for maximum comfort and minimum worry, the PERFEKBȖM collection is the perfect addition to the fashion-forward thinking man’s wardrobe!”

76% Polyamide, 24% Spandex
Colors: Black, White, Sky, Purple, Red

“The KENYA collection by Gregg Homme – inspired by man’s wilder, more primitive side and his irrepressible inclination to let loose and party with the rest of the pack! Yet there’s nothing primitive about the KENYA collection’s design: part leather-look, part printed mesh… stealthily treading the fine line between raw and refined.”

90% Polyester, 10% Spandex

“For full-on fantasy fun, the MASTER piece dominates everything Gregg Homme has conceived up til now for fetish fans.”

95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Color: Black

“Designed by Gregg Homme as the essential quick-dry swimwear, the OCEAN collection is the definitive basic swimwear with a few added stylistic and technical perks. Made of a nylon/spandex mixture that makes dryness a priority, the OCEAN collection is also cleverly cut to flatter, but not necessarily draw attention to, a man’s precious cargo.”

80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex
Colors: Black, White, Royal, Red

“More than just another reason to get wet, Gregg Homme’s RETRO SWIMWEAR distinguishes itself from most ordinary swimwear by way of a secondary interior waistband containing a fully functional, visible drawstring. This unmistakably masculine detail coupled with contrasting colors in a vintage-style vibe is a stand-out in any man’s swimwear collection, not to mention wherever he shows it off!”

85% Polyamide, 15% Spandex
Colors: Pewter, Royal, Aqua, Magenta, White, Purple

“The BOOSTER collection by Gregg Homme will elevate and enhance a man’s idea of what the right underwear can do for him. Designed with a frontal enhancer that cradles and ‘boosts’ the package in total comfort made with a high-breathing knit fabric, the BOOSTER style variations give a man that extra lift that could very well make all the difference.”

85% Polyamide, 15% Spandex
Colors: White, Black, Pewter, Royal

“One look at the VOYEUR collection by Gregg Homme is enough to invite a second glance… usually followed by a long lascivious stare, so don’t say you weren’t warned! Then again, anyone wearing a VOYEUR item is most certainly enjoying the attention immensely, because the fabric is made from a hyperstretch microfibre, with a liquid touch – following every supple curve of the body’s landscape, and providing extra support and enhancement to the best parts of the scenery.”

76% Polyamide, 24% Spandex
Colors: Black, White, Sky, Purple, Red

“Whether you’re aware of it or not, our state of mind is often heavily influenced by what we wear. Gregg Homme finds the juste milieu in terms of underwear with MOOD – a collection of styles specially designed to soothe and relax a stressed mind, to neutralize the polarities of emotion. Conceived as an essential basic for a man’s wardrobe, the MOOD collection features basic colors and cuts made with an ultra-fine gauge microfiber to treat the body right. And when we look good, we feel good.”

78% Polyamide, 22% Spandex
Colors: Black, White

“The HEAVEN collection by Gregg Homme takes the earthly and reliable attributes of cotton and exults them into an undergarment fit for a god! Whatever your beliefs may be, be prepared to totally convert to the celestial comfort and unpretentious basic style offered to you here, as no mortal man should be without underwear so divine!”

92% Cotton, 8% Spandex
Colors: Black, White

“Sizzling with sexiness and originality, Gregg Homme’s HOTSHOT booty shorts are one of the most ingenious creations to be seen this year. Deftly juxtaposing playful fetish with the well-known booty ‘cheeky’ style of undergarments, the designer has created an audacious yet comfortable new male undergarment that begs the wearer to display it at every opportunity!”

76% Polyamide, 24% Spandex
Colors: Black, White, Red, Purple

“If you can’t make it to the tropics this year, then simply take the spirit of them to wherever your favorite aquatic playground may be! Gregg Homme’s dazzlingly multicolored and body-conscious designed TROPICS SWIMWEAR collection is a hit at the pool, the spa, or wherever the nearest beach is. If you CAN make it to the tropics this year, well you’ll look right at home…!”

84% Polyester, 16% Spandex
Color: As Sample

“Gregg Homme’s exotic & erotic GLORY string instigates the wearer to shamelessly rejoice in new sensations and entertain naughty ideas… after all, what good are naughty ideas if you can’t act them out? The GLORY string masterfully merges sheer and rubber-look elements while including sturdy rivets for that tough edge.”

Color: Black

Stay tuned for more details on the new Gregg Homme designs as they emerge!


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