EXCLUSIVE: C-in2 Model Diogo

Diogo de Castro Gomes is nothing if not courteous. If, lost in his piercing eyes, you forget his name, he’s helpfully tattooed it across his bountiful chest. This Brazilian newcomer makes his steamy stateside debut in C-in2’s Filthy campaign, where he’s penned up in a sweltering Florida trailer wearing nothing but Filthy briefs. We had the pleasure of corresponding with him about how he got into modeling, whether or not C-in2 is popular in Brazil and his other interests besides modeling. Read the full interview below and take a look at the campaign video here! PS, Diogo’s on the right in the image below.

Underwear Expert: How did you get started in modeling?
Diogo de Castro Gomes: I started modeling in 2009. I was on the beach with friends, when a producer came up to me and asked if I would like to do a test. So, I did and booked my first job. But, my most important job to date was with C-in2.

Underwear Expert: How did you like shooting the Parole video?
Diogo de Castro Gomes: Shooting the Parole video was amazing. All the team were really friendly. I really enjoyed working with them.

Underwear Expert: The video was shot in a trailer park in Floria, right?  What was that like?
Diogo de Castro Gomes: It was my first time visiting the US, so for me, everything in Florida was new. The people, the place, the language, the culture and being in a trailer park just added to that American experience.

Underwear Expert: How long did it take to shoot?
Diogo de Castro Gomes: We worked all day long. I think we started at about 7:00am and went until 9:00pm.

Underwear Expert: Did you get along with the other guys?
Diogo de Castro Gomes: Chris Whelan and Anthony Gallo were very nice to me. My English was so basic, [but] we still managed to have good conversation … It was really good to work with them.

Underwear Expert: How do you stay in such great shape?
Diogo de Castro Gomes: I think the first step is: you need to find a sport that you like to practice. With this done, a good shape is just a result of enjoying the sport. And, of course, don’t forget to eat healthily.

Underwear Expert: Do you often wear C-in2 underwear?
Diogo de Castro Gomes: For sure, I’m wearing them now!

Underwear Expert: Do guys in Brazil know what C-in2 is?
Diogo de Castro Gomes: The majority of the Brazilians don’t know the C-in2 underwear, however they are now discovering it. I think it would be a good idea to bring C-in2 to Brazil. Brazil, nowadays, has a growing consumer market that I am sure would love C-in2!!

Underwear Expert: What do you like to do when you’re not modeling?
Diogo de Castro Gomes: Well, I study sociology and psychotherapy, read poetry, and of course, I love to go to the beach as all people living in Rio de Janeiro like to do!!


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