Dancing with the Stars Contestant Is Ex-N2N Model

William Levy, a Cuban-born contestant on the popular television show Dancing with the Stars, modeled N2N’s racy bodywear back in 2004.

Pictures of the man and his enmeshed package emerged on gossip sites in the past few days, almost as quickly as Levy’s star has risen on Dancing with the Stars. N2N released this image wishing Levy luck (and capitalizing a little on his sudden popularity, too):

Levy may have been a lowly underwear model back in 2004, but in Latin America he’s an enormous telenovela star. “He’s a huge phenomenon in Latin America,” says Levy’s manager, Gladys Gonzalez. “He’s their Brad Pitt.”

Reactions to the news have been mostly positive, and Levy himself has laughed off any discussion of controversy. “I was a model when I was doing those things,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “As a model, there’s nothing wrong doing those kind of things. You’ve got to work, you’ve got to make money, so it’s OK. Thank god I was in shape, you know?”

Below, because we know you’re curious, is a collection of other shots Levy did while working for N2N. And he’s not lying — you will be thankful he was in shape!


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