Calvin Klein Bold Video Passes with Flying Colors


Calvin Klein Underwear just released their first video for their spring “Bold” collection, and it merits the name.

The commercial “Calvin Klein Bold Spring 2012,” adds life and motion to the stills seen on The Underwear Expert a few weeks ago. The setup is simple: impossibly toned, bronze, slick-haired models play on a jungle gym in the directional Joshua Tree sunlight, wearing nothing but their Calvin Klein Bold Spring 2012 boxer briefs, which take on the glow of a winter, desert sun.

Steven Klein and Fabien Baron lend their considerable directorial weight to the endeavor. They offer a polished version of the behind-the-scenes we caught last month, and if there are nods to Riefenstahl’s later work “Africa,” it may be because these young Apollos are preparing to do battle with the sun. Their underwear already is.

The men on camera, models Matthew Terry, Myles Crosby, Arran Sly and Chris Gravaglia, all wear the daring colors with aplomb. Terry, in particular, displays the boldness on his waistband with a coltish drive.


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