C-IN2 Helps You Get Filthy

C-IN2’s hotly-anticipated new collection Filthy is about to hit the shelves, and trust us, it’s something you shouldn’t hesitate to get dirty in. Combining the trends of distressed and faded fabrics with a sort of monochromatic tie-dye, Filthy looks like you picked it up off the floor of the boiler room of an oil rig–in a good way.

“It’s more than dirty, it’s Filthy,” Greg Sovell, Vice-President and Creative Director of C-IN2 told The Underwear Expert. “We thought that being not so clean might be more sexy than squeaky clean.”

The concept for Filthy “was to have a garment that looks like it came out of an auto shop or a coal mine or some type of industrial setting,” he continued. In fact, real industrial workers did use their (possibly filthy) hands to individually apply the darker dye to the fabric, using what C-IN2 is calling a “one-by-one wash effect” to create the effect of dirt or grime in the garment without, of course, actually being dirty. You can just imagine that the person in the factory who made your pair really was this sort of dirty-sexy hunk, can’t you?

Available in three color/filth combinations, the range goes from light grey heather with charcoal dirt effects, light blue heather with dark navy, and charcoal heather with black effects.  The range is made with a 97% cotton, 3% spandex blend (tops are 89% cotton, 11% polyester.) Jock ($24), low no-show brief ($28), punt ($30) trunk ($35); and you can pair them with either of two tops: a tank ($40) and a vee neck ($50.)


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