Brief Debrief, wherein The Underwear Expert ventures out to ask random guys to pull down their pants. Amazingly, some do!

Name: Mehdi

Spotted: Gansevoort St. and 9th Ave.

Residence: Manhattan, NY

Age: 33

Occupation: Architectural metal and marble restorer.

Self-Proclaimed Style: Easy, put together.

What’s He Wearing: Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs.

Why He’s Wearing: “I like the fit.”

Favorite pair: “Well this is one of them. I’ve got a few favorites”

Does His Underwear Dictate His Outfit, or Vice Versa: “My outfit dictates my underwear, definitely. If I’m wearing fitted pants, I’ll wear a thinner material.”

Life Motto: “Go with the flow!”













Photo Credit: The Underwear Expert



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