On a warm pre-spring day we launched our newest series, Brief Debrief, wherein the Underwear Expert wanders the streets of Manhattan and asks random guys to pull down their pants. Amazingly, some do!

Name: Alex
Spotted: 27th st. btwn 7th & 8th
Residence: Boston, Ma
Occupation: Student at Boston College, Fashion Blogger (
Self-Proclaimed Style: Vintage with some modern elements
What’s He Wearing: Fruit of the Loom briefs
Why He’s Wearing: “I’m not too particular about underwear, but I like briefs because they’re comfortable and reliable. Boxers ride up my ass.”
What does his underwear say about him? “It says that I’m not trying too hard, I just want to be comfortable. That I’m not trying to impress anyone because no one can see it – I’m not showing it to anyone.”
Favorite pair: “I don’t really have one any more. I used to have this pair of Mickey Mouse boxers.”
Life Motto: “When in Rome, do you!”


Photo Credit: The Underwear Expert



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