Adidas Marches Into March Madness

The first games of March Madness, the college basketball tournament, are being played this week in Dayton, Ohio. In an attempt to further raise awareness for its underwear, Adidas is marching select players onto the court with Adidas Sport Performance Boxer Briefs.

Although there’s no word on what players, or teams for that matter, will be wearing the Adidas briefs, The Underwear Expert has it on good authority that many of the players have been given the underwear in an attempt to raise awareness for the brand amongst athletes.

“People don’t even realize that Adidas makes underwear,” an Adidas spokesperson told The Underwear Expert. “We’re just trying to leverage certain events.”

By staying true to its athletic heritage, Adidas underwear provides “best in class technical performance and durability, featuring lightweight, ultra-soft fabric for superior moisture management and optimal ventilation and breathability.”

The boxer brief offering comes in two flavors. There is the Sport Performance Flex 360 ClimaCool® Boxer Brief, retailing for $20 and available in near-neon lime green, light blue, red-magenta, and blue-indigo. The leg extends down about to mid-thigh, and crotch has no fly opening. There are two wide-stitched seams flanking the legs, swerving from hip to inner thigh, and forking at about the crotch level.

There is also the Sport Performance ClimaCool® Boxer Brief, which seems to boast similar specs in cut and fabric, but is missing the visible side seams its counterpart gets to enjoy. Either way, the Adidas gear might tip a player’s game over the top.


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