A Brief Look at the Men’s Underwear Industry, 2008-Now

Stocks rose yesterday to levels not seen since 2008, before the market crash. We all know that men’s underwear is a good barometer of the health of the market, and the industry certainly has taken a hit in the intervening time. In honor of the good news, we spoke with Jason Scarlatti, Creative Director of 2(x)ist to reflect on what the past four years have been like, and what we can expect to see in the next four to come.

How has the underwear industry evolved since 2008?

The industry has gone up and down since 2008. The economy’s decline caused people to buy less fashion and play it a bit safer when it came to color and experimenting with new fabrications. In 2008 we came off of fabrication launches of soy blends, as well as a new version of elastic called XLA fiber. The decline in the economy brought down consumers’ interest in new fibers, too. They stuck with what they were familiar with, like cotton and cotton spandex.

How has your brand evolved since 2008?

Since 2008, the 2(x)ist brand has grown in size with a larger offering of fashion ranges per season, from two collections to four (sometimes even six). We also branched off into more lifestyle-driven categories, offering different fabrications for different aspects of your life. Currently we have everything from luxury fabrications, cotton stretch and performance, as well as shapewear. Since 2008 we have evolved some fit extensions of our signature contour pouch brief into new styles, and introduced white/black, silicone, and many different colors.

Looking back to 2008, what do you wish your brand had done differently?

I still wear some of the pieces we created in 2008. I loved what we created then, and I feel like they were all stepping stones that led us to where we are today. No regrets.

Looking forward, what trend and design predictions can you make for the next four years?

Focus on fit, style and comfort for the modern man.

Where do you see your brand in 2016?

2(x)ist is a lifestyle brand. We will continue to grow the brand into new markets so that we can bring our expertise in quality, fit and function to all aspects of your life.


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