REVIEW: Saxx Luxury Collection

The Saxx Luxury Collection:

NAME: Luxury
BOTTOMS:  Boxer Brief, Trunk
COLORS:  White/Red Trim, Navy Blue, Black

The Man:

BUILD:  Slim
WAIST:  31
BRIEF WORN: Luxury Boxer Brief

The Basics:

STYLE:  Boxer Brief
RISE:  Mid-Length
ATTRIBUTES:  Ergonomic Comfort Pouch
FUNCTION:  Everyday, Athletic
FIT:  True to size
FABRIC:  45% Modal, 50% Cotton, 5% Spandex

The Look:  This collection’s look is more understated than we’d expect for something called Luxury, though that’s certainly not to say that it doesn’t look good: it does. The pouch, which is its distinguishing feature, is integrated quite well into the legs and waist; the seams are unobtrusive and highlight natural lines. The waistband is not too thick and provides a visual counterpoint to the clean expanse of fabric below.

The Fit:  This is where the Luxury line really lives up to its name. The attention and innovation poured into the pouch design really pay off: it’s both snug-fitting and barely noticeable. The parallel side panels guide everything into place without being constricting, and the barrier it provides against the inner thigh makes the package feel like it might even be floating in air. In the back, the seat cradles without constraint, and flatters whatever you might have back there. The legs extend a little longer and looser than we usually prefer, but are in no way bulky or uncomfortable; their elastic bands prevent them from riding up at all, even after some exercise.

The Design:  Strong, Restrained, Masculine. This is a pair of underwear designed for the athlete. The innovative pouch shape doesn’t demand attention, though upon inspection it impresses. The bulk of the design has gone in the inside, allowing one of the most accommodating pouches we’ve worn.

The Construction: Built for comfort, this boxer brief has minimal visible stitches, though on the white underwear, the pouch is outlined in dark thread. Their unique parallel side panels, made of polyester and spandex mesh, rise to form a barrier between the legs and package. The stitching here is almost impossible to detect when wearing it, and during sustained exercise it protects from chafing. The articulated front pouch allows the package to hang naturally, though again during exercise it is gently restrained and kept in place. The attention paid to constructing this underwear has certainly paid off in full.

The Underwear Expert Opinion:  Perfect for mild to extensive athletics. Extreme care paid to comfort. Its understated design and construction will make a masculine statement, but still flatter your goods. Overall, very impressive.



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