EXPERT OPINION: Innovation in Pouch Design

The underwear industry is increasingly combining technology and fashion in its designs.  Here, in Part One of a series that will highlight the innovative things to keep an eye out for in the men’s underwear industry, we share a sample of the most exciting pouch technologies available in the market today.

C-in2 Recognizes the Importance of a Fitted Pouch

Recognizing that the fit of a package is equally as important as that of a waistband, C-in2 has updated its Shower and Grower collection, Personal Fit Factor. For the man who may not need a roomy pouch, the Grower offers integrated, built-in support and narrow box pleats to bring your goods forward. For a man who has more, the Shower provides wider box pleats to make sure everything’s got enough room down there.

Saxx Underwear Goes Parallel

Saxx briefs already offer roomy support and a moisture-wicking waistband. Their distinguishing feature, however, is the addition of parallel stretch mesh side panels which prevent contact with the thigh. Their “patented ergonomic comfort pouch” is made with “parallel stretch mesh side panels and an articulated front pouch with no inner seam.” Saxx has received accolades for their unique design: its creators appeared on the Canadian reality show Dragon’s Den and ultimately won the show’s People’s Choice Award for the best new product.

Andrew Christian Gets Almost Naked

Andrew Christian, already well-known for its bevy of pouch designs, flirts with a barely-there design. Going one up on commando, this anatomically correct design not only feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, but it’s made with a super soft bamboo fiber weave that “virtually eliminates sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing.” The Almost Naked hang-free design eliminates hidden cups or padding and “feels like you’re not wearing anything at all” according to its product description. Perhaps Andrew Christian has learned that less really is more.


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