EXPERT OPINION: Innovation in Fabric

Here, in Part Two of a series that will highlight impressive innovations in the men’s underwear industry, we present three fabric technologies that are bound to greatly influence men’s underwear.  Missed Part One?  Check it out by clicking here.

Hyper Advanced Wicking Fabric from C-in2

TransDry, an innovative moisture-wicking technology will be introduced in C-in2’s GRIP line. The textile treatment boasts a “2000% improvement in one-way transfer of moisture to the outside of the fabric.” Cotton treated this way also reduces cling when wet, dries out faster and retains the breathable qualities cotton has but synthetic fabrics don’t. Instead of absorbing moisture, TransDry moves it away from the body to the outside of the fabric and spreads it over a wider surface area enabling it to dry faster.

Cotton, Inc., the force behind TransDry, developed a metric for testing the improvements of their TransDry-treated fabrics as compared with their untreated cotton. They’re calling it the Accumulative One-Way Transport Index. The reason being that decreasing a fabric’s absorbency or cling force is best achieved by getting moisture speedily away from the body toward the air where it can evaporate.

Feels Like Butter Fabric from Milk

When Milk Underwear was first founded in New Zealand, it adopted the lactic label to lend a positive sheen to its cotton-based underpants. When it moved to the states, however, the new owners discovered that there was actually a way of making textiles out of milk, and jumped at the chance to live up to their own name.

Milk fiber is a blend of casein protein made from spoiled milk using a process that is similar to rayon/viscose, but because it’s a regenerated protein fiber and not a regenerated cellulose fiber, it reacts (and dyes) like wool. It is also anti-bacterial: mico-zinc ions are mixed into the “milk slurry” as its being made, ensuring that your Milk never goes bad.

Its silk-like non-cellulose protein structure lends it a buttery smoothness when you put it on. However, the fiber does not do well with extreme heat, requiring you to take special care when drying.

Full-Spectrum Stretch from Tommy John and jake joseph

Two new brands are featuring enhanced stretching capacity in their fabric: Tommy John and jake joseph. jake joseph boasts fabric custom made out of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% elastic, which retains a soft, snug fit after washing. In fact, they pre-wash each pair to be able to deliver a uniform look after you buy it.

Where all this attention to detail pays off is in jake joseph’s multi-directional stretch capacity. This is more than 360 degrees, as it encompasses the X, Y and Z axis. This technology provides a non-constricting cling allowing the underwear to follow the movement of your body. The pull in all directions keeps each pair fresh with the “new pair” feeling.

Tommy John, too, has put a lot of care into their fabric’s stretchiness, utilizing the micro-modal textile to great effect. They call it Second Skin, and it’s easy to see why. Their lightweight and silky microfibers conform to the skin, moving with it as it moves.


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