EXCLUSIVE: Cover Male Launches

The Underwear Expert has an inside look at a new underwear brand and based on the images and the underwear we’ve seen, it looks like a feisty new player could emerge in the men’s underwear industry this year.

Cover Male, established in 2011 and launched in January of this year, has three collections (Sports, Casual-wear and Erotic).  Their next collection, Cotton, will be released this fall, though an exact date hasn’t been set.

The new brand will offer both seductive and everyday underwear and will combine masculinity, elegance and class while offering men a chance to indulge themselves.

We spoke to designer Tarek Al- Halabi about the inspiration for the line.  He told us their initial inspiration was to have a new “it” underwear for men.  “Men are starting to expand their radius when it’s coming to fashion and apparel making new fashion forward designs possible,” he told us.

Further inspiration comes from “our surroundings,” Al- Halabi continued. By “observing the life of the every-day male,” Cover Male hopes to accomplish “a perfect understanding of the male body.”

Cover Male aims to not only progress men’s underwear fashions, but bolster men with confidence.  “I try to always have the touch of elegance and sophistication in every single piece designed, not only to create timeless and classic undergarments for the modern male, but to create and boost the self confidence and self-satisfaction that every man deserves,” Al- Halabi said.

Take a look at the images shot by Elton Anderson that showcase some of the brand’s designs, and stay tuned for more on Cover Male.


0 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Cover Male Launches

  1. Charles says:

    Love this new Cover Male brand. Thanks to your ad, I went and bought some online and am wearing them as I write. Great write up; I have found a new top brand!

    • Sam Polen says:

      This is one of the greatest brands I have purchased thus far. The designs are amazing, modern and extremely sexy to say the least. One of my favorites is “The Waisted-Up” bikini; great design and very comfortable waist band!

      Thank you Tarek Al- Halabi for these designs, waiting to see greater things from Cover Male!


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