Arpaio’s Pink Undies Sold at Arizona Craft Fair

Joe Arpaio, who drew ire, praise and a federal investigation for his grandstanding methods of punishment, was interviewed on CNN at an Arizona craft fair, where he had set up a booth to sell pairs of the pink boxers he issued Maricopa County inmates. Admirers lined up to hand over cash for the souvenir, though they presumably won’t have to parade around in the hot Phoenix sun like the prisoners did.

While the underwear certainly isn’t flattering – it’s bulky, prison-issue boxers – Arpaio seemed to think that the color pink on its own was humiliating for the men to wear. Maybe that’s true for some men, but we’ve definitely seen well-cut, flattering briefs that accentuate the masculine because rather than in spite of the fact that they’re pink. If Sheriff Joe had seen this C-in2 Zen Punt in Pink Flambe, for example, he may have had to let everyone out on parole.  


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