Andrew Christian Pool Party Video Makes a Splash on YouTube

Andrew Christian just released a video that’s almost certain to go viral, but you may have some trouble finding it. On the heels of their massive viral hit “Freshman Car Wash” — so popular it crashed their website, as we were first to report — Andrew Christian’s new video, “Pink Paradise,” has allegedly violated YouTube’s terms and conditions, resulting in the video being removed, and the brand’s channel on the video sharing website blocked.

“Pink Paradise”, a video featuring muscular boys in Andrew Christian Naked Infinity briefs clowning around at a pool party, was taken down promptly after being flagged for “sexual or pornographic material”. Andrew Christian fired back yesterday, releasing an open letter defending his brand’s video and accusing YouTube of homophobic double standards.

The short letter reads:

Your removal of our video “Pink Paradise” and two week block of the Andrew Christian YouTube account has left us feeling unsettled.

There are thousands of videos that target the heterosexual audience currently on YouTube that show blatant female nudity and sexual scenarios with millions of views.

Our video was meant to be a fun way to feature our new line of underwear.  We’re disappointed and confused about its removal for inappropriate content when there are hundreds of thousands of videos featuring overtly sexual female imagery.  We are a company that only produces menswear, and it feels unfair that our ads are held to different standards for featuring the male body.

There is no doubt in our mind that there would be no issue if the exact same video was posted with female models instead of male.  Are you being homophobic or is it something else?

All we request is for our account to be unblocked, and the “Pink Paradise” video to be restored with its original view count so we may continue to regard YouTube as a fair and balanced outlet for reaching our audience.

Below the letter on his blog, Christian listed a dozen or so videos he found on YouTube which he felt were equally or more risqué than his but, he alleged, left up because they conformed to homophobic standards of propriety which allowed displays of women but not men.

In a surprising turn of events, however, it seems their foreclosed video has had positive results for the underwear brand.

“We had to move the video to our website, so people could see it” said Brad Hammer, Social Media Manager for Andrew Christian. Hammer said that the incident and the re-routing of viewers directly to their website actually resulted in one of the best days for sales and website traffic “in the history of our company. It was an amazing day as far as sales go.”

And what about the future relationship between Andrew Christian and YouTube? As this was their second apparent breach of the website’s content policies, a third strike would mean they would lose their channel and all of their subscribers for good. To prevent this from happening they’ll be creating a new YouTube channel and, in essence, starting from scratch, we’re told.

On this new channel, they’ll take a “different approach” to their videos “because we want people to be able to view them on YouTube,” Hammer told us. They’ll be uploading future videos to Youtube, albeit less risque than what we’ve seen previously, and sharing their uncensored counterparts exclusively on their blog.

As for the future of “Pink Paradise” on YouTube, Hammer told us, “We’re editing it right now.  We had to put more beach balls and fun graphics over the parts that could be considered not appropriate.”


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