2wink Underwear for Generations X,Y

Australian brand 2wink is launching two new lines of underwear designed with a nod to the 70s and 80s.

“The later decades of the Twentieth Century saw some rather tumultuous, though amazing and incredibly fun times,” says 2wink Australia co-owner Carl McNeill. “We’re celebrating the feverish 70s and the sexy 80s with some hot new underwear ranges in colors that we think many guys can relate to.”

For the 70s, a duo of $23 low-rider briefs and $25 trunks will be outfitted in the muted orange and racing green colors reminiscent of the age. To further highlight this line’s funky roots, 2wink drew inspiration from “guys who weren’t afraid of body and facial hair that was prevalent in movies and advertising at the time.” Can you dig it?

It’s a bit riskier these days to proclaim “greed is good,” but 2wink gets away with it. Their 80s-inspired low-rider briefs and trunks, which also retail for $23 and $25 respectively, elicit a definite sense of greed: you want them, you want them on your partner, and you might just want what’s in them. The black matte makes the bright pinks and blues pop against it, and the retro rush you get from seeing them on makes your head spin.

Both decades are dressed in 92% cotton and 8% spandex.


0 thoughts on “2wink Underwear for Generations X,Y

  1. Dirk - Thomas de Boer says:

    De modellen en de foto’s zijn zeer verfrissend en kleurrijk. Gelukkig zijn er ook modellen tussen die hun lichaamsbeharing nog hebben. Succes verder met het zaken doen

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