REVIEW: 2(X)ist Military No-Show Brief and Trunk

The 2(x)ist Military Collection:

NAME: Military
BOTTOMS:  Sport Brief, No-Show Brief, No-Show Trunk
TOPS:  Square-Neck Tank
COLORS:  Black, White, Army Green, Lead, Black Camo, Green Camo

The Man:

BUILD:  Slim
WAIST:  32
NO-SHOW BRIEF WORN: Small Black, Army Green

The Basics:

STYLE:  No-Show Brief, No-Show Trunk
RISE:  Low Rise
FUNCTION:  Everyday, Athletic, Going Out
FIT:  True to size
FABRIC:  57% Cotton, 37% Modal, 6% Spandex

The Look:  This collection is dead on.  The colors are masculine and sleek, and the waistband design is equally perfect for a night on the town or your everyday pair (if you like to dress it up a little down there).  It has the feel, design and construction of an expensive pair of underwear, without the hefty price tag.

The Fit:  Both the No-Show Trunk and No-Show Brief fit very well.  The contours of the pouch, advertised on the 2(x)ist website as an “ultra-contoured pouch,” inherently make for a good package fit, in both pairs we tried on.  The elastic around the legs is moderate and comfortable.  We really enjoy the No-Show Trunk’s leg band; it’s about an 1″ and adds a masculine look to the pair.

The Design:  Sexy, Masculine, and Fashionable.  The underwear waistband is fantastic (and is the same on every pair.)  It’s a lustrous metallic silver with green accents.  2(x)ist is blocked out over the pouch, and on the smalls, spans about 9 inches.  Three green accent lines spaced equally apart navigate the rest of the waistband for a sophisticated, and clean design.  There’s a small silver logo label over the left hip (about 1/2 inch wide), fixed between the waistband and actual underwear.  It’s 2(x)ist’s interpretation of a dog tag, which for a Military line, is an awesome addition to the pair.  The tag is only specific to the Military line at this point, but we have to say, we really like it and hereby petition 2(x)ist to consider adding the playful tag to more lines!  The fabric is made with a pique weave which makes the underwear appear to actually look sturdy and masculine (though they’re actually extremely lightweight and breathable.)

The Construction:  This 2(x)ist Military collection is made extraordinarily well.  The triple-needled bindings on the leg bands is clean and comfortable, and from the outside of the underwear, complements the waistband with three thin accent lines.  The two-piece pouch construction is perfectly sized and comfortable, and provides a nice profile.  We did notice that the underwear loses its shape towards the very end of the day (after 10 hours or so.) This is due to the pique-fle(x) cotton (cotton, modal and spandex in a pique weave.)  Pique weaves, basically, result in a bunch of micro holes to allow for breathability and provide a textured appearance.  This weave in addition to the cotton in the fabric (cotton naturally loses shape), could account for the loss of shape after a long day.  But, considering the breathability we got from the underwear, and the fact that we rarely wear underwear for ten hours at a time anyways, we really don’t consider it a problem.

The Underwear Expert Opinion:  Great collection.  Breathable fabric.  Great, high-quality design and construction.  Masculine and sexy colors (both fabric and waistband).  Smart and well thought out accent designs (stitching, dog tag, waistband.)  This underwear is perfect for the gym, going out, and for everyday use.


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