EXCLUSIVE: C-IN2 To Update Zen Collection

Are you a fan of the C-IN2 Zen collection?

The underwear company has a replenishment delivery hitting stores within the next two weeks with some updates to the design and construction of the line.

This will be the second update to the collection since the brand removed the trophy shelf and added some cotton to the fabric for durability.

“Zen has been an important collection.” Greg Sovell, Founder and Creative Director of C-IN2 told us. “It consistently does well, but we decided it needed an update.” They’ve added an elastic stripe to the leg (different styles get different tensions) as well as a heat transfer tag that is flush with the waistband.

And, as far as design, the logo is “knocked out” of the waistband and will be the color of the contrast piping on the legs.

The new replenishments will also be available with red.  For all future collections, red will join black and white as the staple colors of the line.

The C-IN2 Zen collection features a “street” jock, “slider,” “active sport,” and “punt” briefs and an “army” boxer brief.  It also features a “strong arm” vee neck tee, tank and crew.  The line, which always includes the staples black and white (and now red), will be updated with navy, orange, purple, and blue.


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