EXCLUSIVE: C-IN2 New Pop Colors and Pop Stripes

We met with Gregory Sovell, Creative Director and Founder of C-IN2, for a glimpse into their latest collection.

Pop Colors Pop Stripes, is heavy in blue, green and gray, and is being delivered to stores this week.  The line has some very exciting departures from traditional C-IN2 underwear.

The line is more simplified with lighter accents, and some changes to the waistband.  “We’ve changed how the colors lay out in the logos,” Sovell said.  “Logo color goes back to the accents rather than the actual color of the underwear and is in contrast to the garment color,” unlike in previous seasons.

On subduing the waistbands and moving away from the more prominently designed waistbands that have been so popular, he said, “we’re just keeping it changing.”  They’ve really moved away from the logo with this collection, and are in a way, hiding it, in order to let the color really “pop.”

For the colors in the collection, the creative team pulled from the most elegant colors from Paris fashion week palettes and focused on what their customers traditionally purchase, as well as creating colors that that no one else will have.  “A lot of our customers come to us for a little bit of the unusual,” Sovell stated.  Also, “to find a little bit of the spice.”

As far as design changes, keep your eyes out for the sport brief, which has a smaller panel above the thigh.

The collection will also feature tops.  “This year what we thought about doing was pulling back from the style of the ringer tees that we were doing” Sovell said.  “We decided to insert a small accent piping at the collar point and take it back to more of a solid shirt.”

The 100% cotton C-IN2 Pop Colors and Pop Stripes will feature a low no-show profile, trunk, jock and sport brief, which will all be available in menthol balm, innocent sky and blue shadow solid colors as well as menthol balm with coffee stripes, innocent sky with navy stripes, and blue shadow with citric stripes.  A profile brief and the tops, a square tank, deep vee and henley, will be available in solid colors.


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